Cold light of long dark cedes to soft warmth

Faint and sparse, hoarded by parklands swelling denizens

Bathing in hope among swathes of early blooms,

Enduring constants through eons of resurrected gods.


Winters sparse fractal symmetry softened now

Reclothed in verdant green and fleeting flowerings.

Creeping veil of verdant life resurgent

An indomitable tide drawing us out in its wake


No longer damp downcast shuffling units of muted grey

New growth of plants gifts hearts with youthful joy

Winters cloaks cast aside, new-clad in bright gossamer threads

A human chrysalis of form and spirit.

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Sound-sculpture of mind

Transient iconograph

Dark planes etched in brilliance

Flawed, fragmented facets

Fused in incandescent form

Soul-carving endures.


Cast from imperfect clays

A clouded chaos of yearning

Cries its unadorned truth

Liturgy of uncertainty

Fractured, imperfect creed

Wraps all in its bright unity.

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Soul-tongue of culture

Gifted to all, sung-tale of folk

Bound through work-song

Inspired by myth-song

Grounded by faith-song

Voice-loom weaves dreams into tangible threads


True-voice of spirit

Vibrant, uncensored, unbound

Hope, sorrow, joy, solemnity

Manifest, caught and answered

Celebrated and healed

True church of neither sacrament nor creed.


Lost now the bards and silent the folk

Tongues shamed to stillness, dazzled

By packaged glamour of a chosen few,

Leaders of a voiceless people

Dispense branded panacea to dreams

To tamed and slumbering global tribe.

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Fearful and false-feathered

Cherished self-shield glittering

Brittle-bright and insubstantial

Beacon of false prophets


Defence of lacquered deceit

Fragmented face to faceted life

Muted reflection of true gem

Dulled by false dealing


Caged by clamouring carnival

Timorous heart and mind

Peer out with jaded eye

Observer of the gaudy parade


Layered armour eroded spirit

Forsaken in gilded cage

Our cracked and broken idols

Covered with dust of dreams


Twining faith rearms with true strength

Cleaving layers of artifice

Its reprized treasure raised above

The Masque where midnight never strikes.

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Echoes of a moment

A sphere defined and smoothly spinning

Contented dreams contained therein

‘Til sudden soul-struck piercing

Threw once-sure axis wandering


A moment’s glance, a fleeting smile

More weight now than shadowed dreams

Clear paths once by reason led

Remapped by heart unruly


Unanchored spirit, uncharted seas

The rock of reason no true guide

But weight on new Hope’s flight

Eroded yet by intuition’s tide


A futile guide, faltering commands

Unsure, inconstant captaincy

Yet sure and stubborn soul yet cleaves

To unfurled vision rare and true

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The piper

Pay the piper, the tune is set

Of harsh discordant harmony

And yet, perhaps to follow, child-like

Would draw more authentic song


Faintly echoing, true-voiced,

Unsnared by logic’s webs

Nor tainted by complexities

Loyal line lost in daily counterpoint.

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Soaring streams in spring air

Shimmer unseen

Vibrant elation

Unfettered song

Of urgent hopes

Boundless energy

Frames still quiet calm

Tranquil paradox

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Sound-threads twisting
Rising, weaving
Soul-bright dreaming
Sound-gem gleaming

Writhing, glowing
Silken web of yearning
Caught in velvet
Drawn and flowing

Sense loosed and shifted
Open soul and spirit dancing
Bright truths dazzling,
Ethereal and fleeting

Heart rent and healed,
Spirit transmuted
In splendour girdled.

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South Coast

High cliff of crumbling white

Oceans beacon, gulls home

Enduring icon

Sliding seaward, shrinking shore


Hidden sea-path of silvering strands


Invasions witnessed, cursed, rejoiced

Claimed by many sons

Fisher-paths of sail and soul

Dream-paths of silver net

bind sea to shore in even-light


Place of calm, yet terrors also claimed

by soul-fed cliffs, soul-rent mourn

First land, last breath

Uplift, cast down

Indifferent chalks, constant, crumbling.

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the modern dream

Intoxicated, adrift


Washed in wave of sensations

Constant, unyielding

Images and voices call

without meaning or pause

Fire insubstantial desires.

Faded dreams of ages past

Tempting with gossamer-like whispers

Ageless imagery secure, rich, deep, neglected

for false iconograph, pressed belief,


Ashes offered diminished gods

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