Forgotten familiar

Our blood sought belonging to place,

Home, safety, secure anchorage

While we, caged from freedom of roaming

Sit wings clipped in a foreign land

A locus of discontent,

In fixed dislocation


Outsiders in our own space

Familiar foreign maps furled tight

Leaving us lost, adrift, drifting

Forgotten ways with strange neighbours.


Pause, breathe, redraw

The heart-map of hearth

A microcosm of fractal beauty

Loosed in constrained freedom

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Genius locus

Tree at my back

Sun on my face

Draw deep of the earth

Essence of grace


Immutable pulse

Time fixed yet displaced

Human care fleeing

In stillness of space

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Tobha Mor







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Black & White Experimentation


Summer evening


Light trails


Last rays





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Liminal edge of day,

Where bright edges blur,

Clamorous cacophony falling

To brief cadence in time’s dance.

The still axis of clarity

As fire bleeds to velvet.

Drift into stillness

The wind on my soul

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Healer’s Palimpsest

Decipher palimpsest of body and spirit

Some crisp, new, with lightly etched tales

Others deeply layered with hidden scripts,

Time encrusted and half forgotten


A dance of analysis and interpretation

Story, question, answer,

Crystallised from obscuring fears

Dissected, reparsed, made anew.


Science and art twined and translated

Twisted paths made straight, a new map

Woven with hopes of healing.

Fresh narrative writ bold.

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Held in earth, green-swathed

Grounded by scent of place,


White pillared trunk, olive canopy

Boundless vault of flecked sky


Drawing me out

Stretched, infinite, formless

Tethered in roots of grass

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Lured by gilded promise: connect, belong, find meaning

in clamouring artifice. Community cracked

in dissonant schism of fragmented shining screens.

Ark of the age, new covenant of humanity

Believe and follow, enrich us, entrap us

Mammon, not Elysium, false prophet

Drawing souls into virtual shells

Hollowed, hallowed to new gods greed.

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Soul-forge drawing spirit inward, alike aligned

Annealed; life-compass tuned anew

Harmonic alchemy of new-lighted paths

Wild, exultant resonance, harmonies of home.

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Entangled freedom

Joyfully greet spirit’s twin,

Entangled resonance, quanta of souls

Strange alchemy, enhanced reflection

Balance and ballast


Rich counterpoint drawn bright

Motif tossed, returned transformed

Unfettered music, complex without discord

Form lifting soul from chaos


True self met with unforced ease

As ancient oak, secure, deep-earthed

Loosed dryad set lightly dancing

Paths ancient and new


Tapestry new-woven, rich and bright

Clear of tangled webs of artifice

With new minted map, love’s path

Brought to state of grace.

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